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ADT Pulse® Home View

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Watch this video to learn more about how this exciting new technology can work for you!

Simple To Use

  • Easily create your home’s layout and name specific rooms
  • Place device icons in appropriate locations for quick viewing
  • Color-coded icons show the status of your devices
  • Click on icons to view or manage system devices*

Scroll over icon to view description

  • Motion Detected
  • Sensor Open
  • Sensor Closed
  • Lighting On
  • Lighting Off
  • Camera On Line
  • Unknown Status
  • Device Offline
set up home view

The Pulse of Your Home, at a Glance.

The ADT Pulse Web Portal is now smarter and more intuitive than you imagined it could be. With the new Home View tool, you can quickly create a unique floor plan of your home that shows the devices connected to your ADT Pulse system. This map features color-coded icons that show the status of your security devices, lights, thermostats and cameras. Easily control lighting, climate, and appliances on your ADT Pulse system. And, if you click on a video camera icon, you can quickly view secure, real-time video of what’s happening at your home.

Click here to set up your Home View now.

*excludes security devices
Not available on Droid-based application.

Device Off Line Device Off Line Device Off Line Device Off Line Device Off Line Camera On Line Device Off Line Device Off Line